Outsourcing payroll administration

Our BPO & Service professionals are ready and waiting

Our BPO & Service professionals are experienced consultants and experts in the field of HR and payroll administration. We use various payroll applications and offer three service levels in order to match our services as closely as possible to the wishes and needs of our clients. Our clients receive a future-proof solution that seamlessly adapts to any changes within their organization. Our clients and their needs are always central to the process.

Service levels

We offer three distinct service levels, from Full Service to Self Service. This enables us to meet the needs of your organisation. And our services are flexible, so you can always switch to a different level if necessary. 


We work for

Personal: direct contact with assigned contact persons
Expert: years of experience in national and international payroll
Flexible: choice from a range of distinct service levels

International payroll administration

We have been specialising in international payroll since 2004. Every month we carry out a large volume of expat administrations, including shadow payroll and salary splits. You can rely on our expertise. And in addition, we have built up a large international network of partners, so that we can take care of your administration in practically every country in the world.

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